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Do you need to target your advertising campaign at a specific group – the job seekers? Then is the perfect place for your advertising. Use to your advantage more than 760 000 unique users who actively and passively search for new job opportunities and want to be updated about the labour market news. In addition, our specialists will provide their know-how and create your campaign according to your needs.

Choose the right service for you

Email campaign

Talk to your target group more personally. Define your audience by location, job area, language skills or other criteria. Thanks to our tradition, we have the largest database of active and passive job seekers. We believe that less is more, so we limit the number of sent emails, which keeps our open rate high and our emails effective.

Facebook Social Boost

Do you want your job ad to gain more views? Promote it on the most favourite social media platform in Slovakia by using Facebook Social Boost. We will target your job ad at people similar to the candidates who visited your job ads on Thanks to the wide Profesia fan base and our verified algorithms, we are able to increase the number of views for your job ad around 25 %.

Premium Tile

Be more visible than your competitors. Premium Tile is a premium space on homepage in the Top employer’s section. Its area is 6 times larger than the other logos around. Your banner will be eye catching and unique, and you will not split your place with anybody.

Promo Tile

Talk to job seekers right where they spent the most time – while browsing job ads. Gain an advantage with exclusively placed banner Promo Tile, which is displayed in the job ads list and strengthen your employer brand.

Why put your Advertising campaign on

768 000+ unique visitors per month

Average visitor time on Profesia is 6 minutes

Target on more than 

65 000 e-mail addresses

80 000 fans 

on Facebook

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