Employer branding

Emphasize your employer brand

Use your company identity throughout your hiring process. We as Profesia understand how important it is to build on a unified communication strategy and visual identity, so you can be easier to notice and more recognizable for your potential employees. Thanks to our employer branding products, you can combine just the right amount of your company identity, which you want show on Profesia.sk.  

Choose the right product for you

Custom design

Custom design presents a unique opportunity to create a company subpage on Profesia.sk in your company design. Use your logo, colours, photos or graphics. Differentiate from competitors and emphasize your own brand.

Easy design

Create a visually appealing company profile and job ads quickly and easily.

With Easy design candidates can peek into your company thanks to photographs or a video.

Custom offer

Are you the type of company, that rarely looks for new employees, but when you do, you would like your job ad to be similar to your company design? Then Custom offer is the right product for you. You can use it on a single job ad and complete the look with your logo, photos, illustration or graphics.

Company logo

Complete your job ads with your company logo and help job seekers find your job ads among your competitors. Choose adding logo to the job ads list and to every job ad, or you can use an exclusive space among top employers on Profesia.sk homepage.


Video is a more dynamic, attractive and easier to remember tool than text. Be bolder, show your company culture and talk directly to the job seekers via video in your job ads. With our product your video will be posted in every job ad.

"Sometimes, only a small detail can be the difference between applying and not applying for your job ad. This creates a need to be visible and recognizable as an employer. The good name of your company and its culture could be the deciding element. For this purpose, visual elements can tell a better story than just text."

Peter Nagy

Product specialist for Profesia.sk

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