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For a perfectoverview of selection processes

How does mark help you during the entire HR process?

The advantage of mark is that through the options it gives you, you can cover the whole recruitment process and approach future hiring efficiently.

Simplifying the Process

After turning mark on, you will immediately see, in what stages your selection processes are, what the status of applicants is and how many steps there are left to a successful recruitment campaign. The entire process is clearly laid out and you can customize it to suit your needs.

It Knows What You Need for Your Work

The applicant profile contains everything which is indispensable for efficient communication with candidates and with your HR team. The CV, notes, labels, contact details, an interview calendar or a complete history of your communication will immediately give you a useful overview. As a bonus, the applicants are available in your database for all your future selection processes.

Helping You Select

Improve your job advert response form with additional questions that will help you sift through applicants at the very beginning and focus on the very best. Answers to those questions will give you a better picture of whether a particular applicant really is a suitable candidate.

Over 2000 Slovak recruiters rely on mark each day

Behind mark, there are people who look after their clients




For your work with personal data, you can choose the length of time for which the applicants are consenting to data processing. Once this time elapses, sensitive data will safely be anonymised.

Mark belongs to the product family of the Profesia company, where we pay scrupulous attention to data security; for this reason, we use proven technologies for data protection.

We are ready to answer your questions over the phone, by e-mail as well as in person. Mark clients can use customer support whenever they need it.

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